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Upcoming HeroClix Tournaments


About Our Tournaments

Our HeroClix tournaments take place on Saturdays at 12:00 noon here at our store. There's always a prize for the winner but the goal is to have fun and learn the game. In addition to the sealed, organized play tournaments, we feature a different theme each week and often include:

  • Golden Age: You may use any Clix since the game was created. Wow...Remember Infinity Challenge? How about Hypertime?
  • Card Age: You may use any Clix created after cards were added to the game. If the piece originally came with a card, it is fair game!

These allow you to bring out the old favorites as well as the new, modern age pieces.

Check out our schedule on this page to see what the tournament theme is, build your team, and come out and join us. The more, the merrier!